Chocolate Heaven on Earth

Godiva Cafe is located only at select places in the world. The pleasure of this fantasyland is enjoyed by cities like New York, Dubai etc. But hey, we saw, we went, we ate!

So here is this beautiful series of some lovely, chocolate-oozing eye candy that will make you drool.

Here we have Godiva Chocolate and Mocha Ice cream. Some additional mocha and chocolate dressings were provided to enhance that coffee flavour and make it even more chocolate-y. The ice cream was great, it was creamy and smooth. AH! I loveeee!

Next, we had this chocolate lava with a scoop of ice cream like a dome. The entire glass is filled with dense, silky, premier quality Godiva Chocolate. Then the ice cream and some strawberries for freshness. I could get lost in this pool of chocolate.

And last, we have this BEAUTIFUL Chocolate Fondue with Strawberries and Marshmallows!

The feeling that stands out while visiting Godiva Cafe is that of luxury. You enjoy premier quality chocolate, strawberries, soft marshmallows.

Apart from these lovely desserts, it offered us great coffees, chocolate-dipped straberries for snacks and softies.

Godiva Cafe was literally heaven on Earth. It was Chocolate heaven. I really wish all of you get a chance to visit this place. I went separately to Mall of Emirates, Dubai to visit this place.

Enjoy my Beautifoooodies!


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