Modern Indian is the new cool here

Comorin, at two horizon center, Gurgaon, is the perfect example of modern casual dining in a city like gurgaon. With minimalistic decor, limited but innovative menu and an aesthetic modern vibrance, it brings to life the ideal setting for the dining culture.

I have to say that Comorin has successfully perfected its menu. Every dish gave us a new exotic flavour. They used combinations that went together surprisingly well and we loved it!

First up in Small Plates we have Barley & Quinoa Salad. The puffy Quinoa were yum. The combination of barley with the fresness of cucumber, avocado, sweet corn and cherry tomato was made in heaven. Even a person who might not like salads would love this healthy bowl of superfoods!

Barley & Quinoa

Next up – The Lemon Gunpowder Idli is a classic dish. Comorin made it a delicacy. The gunpowder wasn’t just powdered over the Idli, it was soaked in it. The rich smell of ghee and gunpowder made these baby idlis disappear faster than you could say “IDLI”. The 3 types of chutney too were yum!

Lemon Gunpowder Idli

We had a few mocktails too but I personally feel they can improve upon those.

And Finally, to Dessert!

We had the White Chocolate Cheesecake with strawberry compote. This was the perfect end to this lovely experience. The white chocolate was so soft, and the strawberry compote compliments the density of the chocolate, PERFECT!

White Chocolate Cheesecake

The service was great too. The manager came to our tbale to attend to us, even gave us some extra dips to try. This personalised experiences play a huge role in the success of a restuarant. Because now, when I look back, I remember both the food and the courtesy i recieved, which makes me want to go back again!

Visiting Comorin was an absolute delight. A serene aesthetic, innovative and tasty food, and good service – what more do we need!

Cost is around Rs 1500 for two persons. But its worth it!

Enjoy my Beautifoooodies!


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