Momos Series: A Tribute

Being Stuck in this quarantine has made me realise that you need to be separated from your love to realise its immense importance in your life.

Here are some of the best momos I’ve had and this is a tribute to these round, flour, steamed babies because mommy misses them.

Fun Fact: Dimsums and Momos are actually not the same. While Dimsums are Chinese, momos are Tibetan in origin. Here, both Dimsums and Momos are featured.

First up we have these beautiful Oishii Sichuan Veg Dimsums with Chilli Oil from Oishii Wok. These were so well stuffed and had a really thin layer. Plus the chilli oil flavor is perfect!

Sichuan Veg Dimsums

Here we have Asparagus & Corn Crystal Dimsums from Pa Pa Ya at select citywalk, saket. Pa Pa Ya has 68 types of dimsums! It was soul food- soothing for the eyes and the taste buds.
Look at the delicate coloring of these dimsums. You can see thata they’re made with so much love. It’s a must try if you’re in Delhi and love Modern Asian.

Fact: Such “Crystal Dimsums” are made of Rice flour rather than wheat flour which gives it the translucent look.

Now we have these crispy yummy momos from the momo king in Gurgaon!
I loved the buttery crispiness of these Kothey Momos! It was an experiment, and a really tasty one.
Fact: Kothey momo is a signature Nepali dish. It is a half fried and half steamed momo, often elongated in shape. The filling can be either vegetables or meat. They are served with different types of sauces to bring out that tangy pot-sticker flavour

Veg Kothey Momos

Next up is a collection of exotic momos. We have fried capsicum, onion and cheese momos(Left); Veg creamy afghani momos(Center) and spinach & corn cheese momos in schezwan sauce(Right).
The Dimsum House in supermart 1, Gurgaon has an immense variety of momos offering about 5 different fillings and 5 different sauces so it gives you space to make your own combinations. The fried momos were a bit salty but I think fresh ones would taste better. The creamy afghani was a towards the sweet side. From the three, the szechuan sauce momos were the best. The spice and the flavors were so strong that we actually didn’t need the dips. So goooood!

And for the finale, we have a personal favorite, loved by all- Vyapar Kendra’s Momos! These might not be the most beautiful, thin or even properly shaped. And yet, they are perfect. These momos are part of our childhood, the beginning of our momo journey! So it was only apt to end this beautiful series with them!

Vyapar Kendra ke momos

I think all of us, during this quarantine, miss our favourite street food joints. Currently we must stay safe. This will be over soon. We miss you momos! Soon we will be reunited.

Enjoy my Beautifoooodies!


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  1. Rahul says:

    Inspired by the series, Momos in the making.

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